About Dr. Kat

      As a Natural Health Educator, Wellness Coach, Psychotherapist-licensed clinical social worker in private practice, Dr. Rozakis is committed in helping individuals achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle. She is a Doctor of Natural Health, a Certified Diplomate in Psychotherapy with the American Psychotherapy Association and Board Certified in Integrative Medicine.  Memberships with the National Association of Social Workers for over 24 years and holds a certification with the Academy of Certified Social Workers; American Psychotherapy Association and American Association of Integrative Medicine.
Board Member for Heaven’s Door Cancer Foundation.Heaven’s Door Cancer Foundation

One of Dr. Rozakis’s passions is eating beautiful foods that promote mental and physical well being.   With a busy lifestyle simplicity is a must.  Growing her own herbs and select vegetables, Dr. Rozakis plays with her food almost everyday Creating, colorful, simple, healthy and beautiful meals that anyone can replicate.

Eat Beautiful to Be Beautiful inside and out!

Insight For Wellness

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