Tea Meditation

The art of making tea comes from savouring every moment.
It can take up to an hour. This includes the making, and siping of the tea.
Focus on the water you are pouring and give gratitude for water.
Focus on the colours of the tea and see gratitude.
Focus on the aroma of the tea and sense gratitude,
Focus on the warmth of the cup in your hand and feel gratitude,
Focus on the taste of the tea as it fills your mouth, warming your entire body and experiencing gratitude.

During this process nothing exists but the tea and you so make sure you create a quiet space for yourself. This can be done with a partner or with your family. Teaching others is a hidden blessing.

The tea you see in this image is made of Borage flower petals, valerion root, saffron, dried lemon, whole green leaf tea, pomegranate, cloves, almonds, cumin and organic stevia leaves from my garden.

Everyone is asking me if I have a favorite meditation or how to meditate.
Meditation can be done anywhere and anytime of the day. There are hundreds of ways.
Find one that works for you and take several oportunities throughout the day to stop and meditate even for a few moments.
As you are doing so, stop the mind, become the observer without any thoughts, opinions, judgments or decisions.
Letting yourself be, becoming aware of your breath, relax, be still and trust that in the moment you will always be okay.

This is true bliss.
This is true love.
This is the mind, body and spirit connection.
And this is the way to physical and emotional health!

Dr. Katerina Rozakis Trani

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