Feeding Your Soul

I am captured by nature’s beauty. It takes my breath away.
I love to use nature to feed me with it’s glorious colors and endless organic shapes. Nature makes eating simple and allows us to keep in the moment.
I usually eat for health, visual and aromatic pleasures that I can create in a jiffy and savor for as long as my time permits.
Yesterday I experienced a different kind of eating.
I actually experienced soul eating. Not to be mistaken for soul food.
But an eating environment that fed my being. It was more than just the time and quality spent on the food. It encompassed the company I was with, my conversation, the location, the weather and the patrons of the cafe. Halloween Decor, enchanting winter hats, baskets of warm blankets and the music of collective voices added to the surprise.
The overall ambiance set the stage for what was meant to be a day to remember. Two hours of quality conversation that touched on humanity and Love. Not just love in general but also an unspoken and understood love between two friends that can only be felt in silence and yet exchanged with actions of true interest for each other’s lives, wellbeing and the lives of others who are less fortunate.
A love friendship where talk is open, feelings are expressed and dreams are created.
The day started with a simple plan to meeting and catch up on things. Sitting and focused on the here and now as if the clock stood still. No rushing to get a word in or to be Interrupted for times sakes. Each of us showing self care in our comfort levels and taking time to select an item from the menu that was good for our bodies but also delicious to our tongues. The staff so generous with our requests and willing to please.
We both got exactly what we wanted. A warm, soothing, organic meal that we could eat with ultimate pleasure and a speciality hot drink that we took time sipping and smelling and warming our hands throughout our stay. No agenda just experiencing every moment with all our senses.
As the wind rustled in red, orange, yellow, and brown rustic leaves through the open patio doors and the sun shined, softly, between antique windows, music playing in the background, the scent of cinnamon cookies filled the air and the silent chatter of others joining in the social necessity of being, I fed my soul.
I fed my soul with inner peace and endless moments of bliss while being with a loving human being whose sparkling eyes smiled with kindness needing no words. The depth of her expression speaking to me and my inner being.
This dinning experienced seemed to satisfy all of our human needs.
The need for Personal Freedom, Creative Expression, Socialization, Giving and Receiving, Sharing, Acceptance, Gratitude, Being Present, Having Purpose and Feeling Love.
To top it all off, eating yummy food that jelled this experience of time and space truly fed my soul with the Love of Life.
I keep learning that eating beautiful is a metaphor for the things we choose to let inside us. When feeding your body and mind remember that we can feed it with thoughts, the air we breath and the company we keep.
Eating beautiful to feed your soul?
0 calories, light weight and FREE to BE!


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