Drink Beautiful: Blooming Tea

I have decided to use Blooming Tea as part of my meditation ritual. Watching these scented balls bloom before my eyes as if I am watching speed photography and then drinking the essence is one of the best mini mediations. I find myself breathing slowly and fully. I find myself in the absolute moment. I look, taste, smell and fill all of my scenes with gratitude.

Blooming teas are flowers wrapped with white tea and formed into balls that bloom before your eyes when placed in hot water.
This is a combination of beauty, aroma, flavor and nutrients wrapped in a small package with huge health benefits.

When we can enjoy with optimism and give gratitude, simultaneously, engulfing all of our scenes and the Earth’s elements we are then basking in true bliss and health.

I call this Integration at it’s finest!

I wish you all a BEAUTIFUL New Year.
Dr. Kat


3 thoughts on “Drink Beautiful: Blooming Tea

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  2. This is the most amazing thing that I ‘ve seen for a long time.
    What a wonderful experience.
    I like to spend all my 2013 Sunday’s with a pitcher of this tea next to me.

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