The Secret Ingredient

Have you noticed that food tastes better when you are happy or in love? Cooking for yourself, your friends or your family is a creative and purposeful activity. Food is necessary for our survival. If we don’t like cooking it may because we think it is too hard or time consuming. We may be thinking about the cleaning after the meal. We may even believe that it is not fair that we do so much and also have to cook. Some of us feel stuck and not know what to prepare.

When we are frustrated about what we are doing we may notice that the meals we prepare may not be so tasty and can validate that we are not good cooks.

Cooking is an art but it can be as simple as playing, discovering and experimenting. Think color, design and flavors. To narrow down your choices, keep it simple and keep it healthy. I find that the most important ingredient is LOVE. Nothing makes food taste better than LOVE. Why is it that we recall how good our mother’s cooking used to be?  If it wasn’t mom it could have been an aunt or a grandparent. I’m sure if you think about it, that person who prepared you those tasty meals also loved you very special.

A strawberry tastes different when fed to you by a loved one because there is passion connected at the end of that strawberry.

I have a sister in-law who’s food tastes out of this world. No matter what she makes it’s amazing. One day she came over to help me prepare for a dinner party. While I was sleeping I could hear her singing. I tip toed down to the kitchen and saw her cooking. It was 2am. She was so focused she didn’t even notice me watching her. When she was stirring and singing she put her entire body into it. She even lifted up off the ground and onto her toes and made such amazing circular movements when stirring her meal. The room was full of glee. At that moment I could see why her food was so special. She put her heart and soul into it. Fully present, in the moment and loving what she was doing. Nothing existed that moment but the food that she was preparing. I was sure I saw sprinkles of love everywhere. The next day, everyone was raving about the meal and they wanted the recipe.

When cooking, put your heart into it! That means being present and being grateful for whatever it is you have to eat. Spill your loving energy into your actions, be it stirring or chopping or decorating your plate. It doesn’t matter how much or little you have to eat or how expensive or elaborate. What matters is who makes the meal.

When you cook with LOVE your HEART will be full and so will the ones that you have served.

During Thanksgiving we give thanks for our meal and recall history. During this Thanksgiving lets also give thanks for the ones who prepared our meals with their most precious ingredient- LOVE ❤

9 thoughts on “The Secret Ingredient

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  2. Hi Kat, Your sister-in-law reminds me of the youngest sister (family cook) in “Like Water For Chocolate”. She expressed her emotions in her cooking and everything was delicious. I think I’ll get that movie again…. Peggy

  3. Brilliant, Dr. Kat — and so perfect to read at this time of year! Am passing it along to family and friends. Thanks for this! 🙂 M

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