Nature’s Sweet Jewels

Savoring  life and all its beauty

Radiant colors galore

Eye candy

Mouth candy

Heart candy

Smart candy

I will now eat you!

This is a picture of an afternoon snack I made for  myself. I was having  a crazy, ridiculous, sweet tooth. As I searched for something to satisfy my cravings I noticed how the sun was shinning down on my coffee table. The light caught my eye and made me stop for a moment as the colors beaming in from the sun’s rays captivating me. Suddenly my cravings were satisfied by the sweetness of the moment.

By taking a moment to be present we can become in command of our thoughts.

I listened to the messages of my body. It needed something sweet. I headed for the fruit bowl, grabbed a serving of grapes and strawberries.  I decorated them delicately to eat with my eyes, my heart and my mouth.

I fed my soul.


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