The Beauty of Hummus

Hummus is considered an ancient food. The word hummus is Arabic for chick peas. I love to make healthy, simple dishes. This dish is super simple and packed with health. Did you know the health benefits in this dish can effect our life span! Read on my friends.

If you are bringing a dish to a party and in a rush you can purchase ready made hummus and design it anyway you desire. You will be promoting healthy options in a beautiful dish. Easy to make, easy to eat and so satisfying. Multigrain or wheat pita bread can be cut into triangles and used for dipping. I like to toast mine in the oven so they are crisp for scooping.

The picture of this hummus dish was made by my beautiful friend Eleni. Eleni is an artist and adds love into everything she touches. She has swirled hummus onto a plate and drizzled with Greek olive oil. Crushed cumin seeds for texture and sprinkled with paprika for color. Garnish with anything in your fridge and play with your design. do not worry about making a mistake. Design with love and your loving essence will be present inside and out. Love is connected to optimism and research is pointing to the benefits of optimism and longevity.

Ingredients in Hummus: Chick peas, sesame (tahini), lemon, garlic and sea salt. “Great Vegetarian Dish”

Calories: One tablespoon has approximately 27 calories! When using olive oil add to the calories as olive oil has approximately 120 calories per tablespoon. This being said, olive oil is also packed with healthy ingredients. Drizzle a tablespoon or less of olive oil onto your dish to reduce the intake. Note: “Less is Best”

Health Benefits: Health benefits of eating with friends? “Unlimited and priceless”! Our mood is lifted when we gather. Socialization is key to longevity “anti-aging” and overall health

Chick peas are a good source of protein and high in dietary fiber.

Sesame (Tahini) is a good source of amino acids such as methionine (methionine is said to be anti-aging and increase the life span. Studies vary so I would consider everything in moderation. Methionine is as an ingredient in Sam E) Sam e is taken for mood “depression” , joint and liver health.

Garlic has so many health benefits. Check out the web and you will see many properties in this little stinking rose. What I want to focus on is the longevity of this stinking rose.When you look at Greek Islanders and their life span, they have several things in common. One of these is garlic. Eaten daily and chewed raw. Chewed fresh, crushing between teeth and releasing the Allicin. Allicin is the yellowish liquid found in garlic. It is the reason why garlic smells and where the health benefits are. When eating hummus, serve all your guests so that the scent becomes camouflaged. Don’t forget your breath mints. Chewing cloves are great, natural, breath savors.

Take time to enjoy making and eating your meals. Eat slow, eat mindful and love what you eat. This dish does all that. Low Cal, Vegetarian, Healthy and Beautiful? This is going to be my weekend side dish.

“Eat Beautiful to Be Beautiful Inside and Out”

Bon Appetite and as we say in Greek “Kali Orexi!”

Dr. Kat

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