The Power and Beauty of Peppers in Season

This is a picture of skewed bell peppers that were prepared for me on my birthday by my friends. There is nothing better than having friends know what you like and loving to please you. But even better, knowing that I may have influenced others in a healthy and positive way.

These peppers were not just a symbol of health but also a symbol of being loved!
As you will hear me say repeatedly, “We gotta love what we do and Love what we eat” . Good intentions bring great rewards!

So hear is the scoop on bell peppers:
Bell peppers come in sooo many, beautiful, colors : Green, Red, Yellow, Orange and even Purple. They are an amazing Superfood bursting with nutrients and low in calories. A wonderful source of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidant. The brighter the color the higher the antioxidant!
Did you know that bell peppers have more vitamin C than oranges? Vitamin C helps fight off colds during the winter. It is important to eat with the season. Our bodies know what is needed to keep us strong for survival, welcoming it from our natural surroundings.

I like to keep things in my life as simple as possible. It is challenging to have to remember so many things. My secret is to Eat Beautiful in order to Be Beautiful inside and out. Our mood and health effects our affect. A healthy and pleasant affect is BEAUTIFUL!

For those of you who may be experiencing inflammation, it may be best avoid or cook your peppers first. Peppers can aggravate symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or Acid Reflux /GERD. If you are experiencing IBS or GERD, please consult with your health professional and seek the advice of a nutritionist

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