Enokitake Mushroom Salad: Healthy and Beautiful

This is a picture of my Enokitake Mushroom Salad.  It’s a fusion of Japanese, Greek, Italian and American. Why the fusion? It’s what I had in the fridge and in my garden. Enokitake Mushrooms come from Japan. They pair well with many dishes and are full of nutrients. I love that they can be eaten raw or cooked. The flavor is nutty and very mild so they do not overpower. These little treasures are high in protein and great for the immune system.

Other Ingredients

  • The Greek: Olives, Kasseri cheese
  • The Italian: Homemade wheat Ciabatta, basil from my garden (basil originated in India and Persia)
  • The American: Sprouts. Used in the US but originally from Ancient Rome

I visit my local farmer’s market on a weekly basis. Keeping my fridge full of nutritional options makes it easier for me to throw together a quick and healthy meal. With a busy work schedule, fast food is tempting. I’ve made the decision to make my own fast food. It has to be simple, a snap to prep and nutrient rich.

How to Eat Beautiful:

  •  Keep It Simple
  • Keep it nutrient rich and as whole as possible
  • Take risks and do not fear making a mistake
  • Use your eyes and look for color
  • Use your heart and love what you eat

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