It’s Not too Late to Get Your Vitamin C. Delicious and Beautiful Choices!

ImageThis is a picture of my garden’s fruits and vegetables. It is fall but here in California I’m still  picking and eating fresh from the vine. I walk out to my back yard, barefoot, and feel the coolness of the grass beneath my feet and between my toes. I stop, breath deeply and take in the freshness of the air, the scents and the cool breeze brushing across my face. I look around and see the colors, birds and yes my small garden. Crushing a tomato leaf between my fingers to savor the aroma, I pop a tomato into my mouth. I do the same with my basil, oregano, catnip and parsley. What a great way to get my C and meditate.

Two more weeks and they will be all gone. As we transition into winter, our bodies need a strong immune system. Be  mindful with your choices. Do not eat empty calories.

Beautiful eating benefits the heart and soul. It allows us to take time to stop, be grateful and creative.  When we take care of our selves the rewards become obvious with energy, focus and good mood.

This my friends is being beautiful inside and out.


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