The Beauty of Pomegranates. Eat at your Hearts Content!

The Beauty In a Pomegranate

It’s that time of year again. Every season bringing marvels from nature. Beauty messages surrounding us, telling us what our body needs. Preparing us for strength and survival.Today I’m going to discuss the beauty of the pomegranate. Not only is it rich in color, sweet and tart, it also gives us anti-aging benefits inside and out!

This is a picture from my basket of pomegranates. I keep them on my kitchen table. We sit around as a family, sharing our day, laughing and seeing who can gather the most seeds in a bowl. This sure replaces sitting on the couch eating chips. When I am alone the process of eating a pomegranate helps me be mindful. I consider this a form of mediation and appreciate. I take my time with the fruit, enjoy the rich color. I’ll bring a seed up to the light to see how it radiates, reminding me of a precious gem, I give grace. Each seed exploding a small amount of concentrated, flavor, in my mouth, only begging me to eat more. The process of mindfulness paired with gratefulness and experiential pleasure has tremendous emotional and physical health benefits.

The word pomegranate means “seeded apple”. It has been cultivated in the Middle East and Europe for several millennia. In Ayurvedic Medicine the seeds and juice are for the heart and throat. Pomegranates provide 16% of adult, daily, vitamin C. We need to store as much “C” during this season to help us fight off colds in the winter. Not only rich in “C” but also contains anti-viral and alit-bacterial properties. The beautiful pomegranate is also a good source of B5, potassium and phenols. The seeds are high in fiber, oils and other micronutrients.

One study shows that “consumption of over 30 days repelled fat cell formation around the abdomen”. I like the sound and feel of that!

WebMD recommends stopping pomegranate intake 2 weeks before surgery.

Eat your pomegranate whole (skin not included). Once the season is over you’ll need to wait an entire year. Remember to keep everything you do balanced and in moderation and to EAT BEAUTIFUL!


2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Pomegranates. Eat at your Hearts Content!

  1. This is a lovely article, Dr. Kat, and includes such important information for the well-being of the whole person: body, mind, and soul. I love your inclusive and balanced approach to total health. I’m going to get some Pomegranites tomorrow! You’re right: they’re only here, whole and fresh, for a short while, and they are delightful. Thanks for the good advice, 🙂 Monica

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