A few of my Secrets to eating well and loving what I eat.

ImageEat colorful, be creative, keep it simple, and have fun when preparing foods! Most of all be grateful and mindful. I take time to enjoy the rich colors jumping out at me, the unlimited shapes on my plate and the aroma from fresh, whole foods. With so many of us dieting and limiting our foods in order to stay thin, it’s no wonder cooking meals has become a challenging chore leaving us hungry or frustrated and craving junk. We all have a tendency to rush and therefore spend our meal times thinking about things we have to do. Our digestion wants our attention. Digestion starts in the mouth. Savor your food, bite by bite and give thanks for the flavors dancing on your tongue. Being mindful is one of the key elements of health. It allows us to make wise choices and take pleasure in what we do. Throughout the week I will be posting pictures of meals I make and breaking down the elements that bring about mental and physical wellbeing .  These will be easy and fast to make.  I work full time and have children. This leaves me with little to no time to cook. Follow me and see how you can make , fast, healthy and beautiful meals to satisfy your busy lifestyle and keep your body healthy.


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